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10/13/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar News recently reported on an attack by Muslim citizens of Khartoum against three Christians in the city.  According to the report, one of the three Christians, a young man named Levi Hakim, was shopping in the neighborhood of Alsamrab when he was attacked by three Muslim men. As he entered a shop, one of the three Muslim men supposedly grabbed him and dragged him behind a nearby mosque. They then told him that they did not want Christians in their area and took turns beating him.

When Levi’s cousin, Jal John Paul, realized that Levi was taking too long to return home, he went to look for him. As he neared the shop, one of the three men again grabbed him. They also beat and threatened Jal John Paul, son of a local pastor. According to the report, Jal John Paul’s aunt, Nyawal Paul, became concerned and went to look for the two boys. She was also taken by the assailants and beaten. Thankfully, all three survived the ordeal, though they did need medical attention.

Levi’s mother, Adaarina Alfred Laku, stated that she has since filed reports with the police, but they have done othing to find the perpetrators. None of the three victims knew their assailants, but said that they were Muslim men in their mid 40’s. Laku also said that she has since received threats from at least one person to drop the investigation and reports to the police. If not she will be “dealt with”. Please pray that justice might prevail in this situation and that this family would remain safe and strong.

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