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10/11/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – On Friday, the Iraq Central Government (ICG) and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) reached a deal that would normalize the governance and security of the disputed Sinjar district located in Nineveh Governorate. This governorate is home to most of Iraq’s Yazidi and Christian communities before they were displaced by ISIS.

The spokesperson for the Prime Minister tweeted that this deal, “strengthens the authority of the federal (central) government in Sinjar in accordance with the constitution at the administrative and security levels, ends the power of intruding groups, and paves the way for the reconstruction of the city and the return of its entire afflicted people, in coordination with the Kurdistan Regional Government.”

As part of a disputed territory between the KRG and ICG, Sinjar has faced a number of challenges following the genocide of ISIS against religious minorities. Specific details regarding the deal’s implementation were not shared on Friday, but it is a notable moment considering the territorial conflicts between the KRG and ICG. These conflicts prevent displaced persons from returning and contribute to a worsening security situation. Hopefully, this deal will be successfully implemented and serve as a type of template for resolving similar conflicts in other parts of Nineveh between the two parties.

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