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10/10/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – A pastor from the Miao ethnic minority (also known as Hmong) in China’s Yunnan province has been missing along with his parents for more than two months.

According to Father Francis Liu from Chinese Christian Fellowship of Righteousness, Pastor Wang Hai’s wife recently shared a WeChat post in which she said her husband and in-laws have been missing and unheard of for more than two months, and she is about to go insane.

Wang’s wife is in a difficult situation because she has to take care of their two sons and an elderly by herself. She thought of withdrawing her younger son from school to lighten her burden, but she could not do it since she sees how much her son looks forward to attending school.

Pastor Wang Hai has been in charge of several church groups in Yongshan County, Zhaotong City for many years. Similar to other churches in the rural area, he provides for himself through farming with his father, who led him to Christ.

Father Francis Liu said that Pastor Wang was taken away by the police and has not been heard for ever since. Please pray for Pastor Wang and his family.

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