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10/08/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – On October 4, a pastor in India’s Uttar Pradesh state was brutally attacked by religious fanatics after they falsely accused the pastor of being involved in forced conversions. The attack left the pastor hospitalized with serious injuries, including multiple bone fractures.

On the day of the incident, a mob of 10 to 12 people wearing saffron scarves attacked Pastor Robinson and 50 other Christians who had gathered for worship in Sangrampur, located in the Badaun district. The assailants carried wooden clubs and swords and barged into a Christian home where Pastor Robinson was leading worship.

It was a frightening scene as the angry mob advanced towards us,” Pastor Robinson told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Without giving us a chance to speak, they attackers threatened to kill us if we did not stop praying and gathering for worship.

The fanatics then beat Pastor Robinson and accused him of engaging in forced religious conversions in the village. Police arrived on the scene after a couple of hours and took the injured Christians to the police station for questioning. The Christians were only released from police custody after the intervention of other local church leaders.

There is hatred towards Christians by some people,” Pastor Robinson told ICC. “They try to paint Christians and pastors as enemies of the country and the police cooperate with them because of the BJP-led government.

Pastor Robinson, age 28, has been the head pastor of an independent church in Sangrampur for the last six years. In that time, Pastor Robinson has led worship for some 60 Christians in the village.

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