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10/07/2020 Kenya (International Christian Concern) – Yesterday, Tuesday, September 6, gunmen believed to be part of Somalia-based al- Shabaab, attacked a bus heading from Mandera in Northeast Kenya to Nairobi, the capital. The gunmen ambushed the passenger bus as it was driving across a bridge. At first, they tried to stop the bus by waving it down, but the bus driver did not stop. When the militants saw that the bus was not going to stop, they opened fire on it.

Due to the sporadic shooting, seven passengers on the bus were severely injured. The shooting also reportedly made the bus break down. According to reports from the local police, the militants boarded the broken down bus and tried to separate all of the passengers by religion. However, they found that all of the people on board the bus were local Somali Muslims. They then became angry with the bus driver for not stopping.

It is believed that he attackers would have separated all Christians from the bus and then executed them. These types of attacks have taken place on many occasions over the past six years. Al-Shabaab is angry at the Kenyan government for supporting the Somali national government. They conduct these attacks on Christians in Kenya as a way to punish the Kenyan government.

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