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10/02/2020 Iran (International Christian Concern) –  Ibrahim Firouzi, an Iranian Christian convert currently serving a multi-year sentence of exile in the city of Sarbaz, has had a new charge against him dropped. The prosecutor rejected the charge of “propaganda against the state” on the basis that there was a lack of evidence.

Firouzi has suffered greatly from years of persecution. He spent the years 2013-2019 incarcerated on charges of “acting against national security” before being sent into exile. Much of his judicial history includes examples of double jeopardy and adding new charges onto his record for the purpose of keeping him isolated from Christians.

The Iranian regime employs a strategy of intimidation and isolation in an attempt to keep the Christian church underground. The government is strictly Islamic, a perspective however that is not replicated throughout society. Despite the government’s efforts at criminalizing Christianity, the church has only grown.

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