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09/23/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – According to Morningstar News, Twin sisters, Hassana and Hussaina Garba, daughters of a church elder, were kidnapped from their home in Katsina State on Friday September 18. During the abduction, their father, Ibrahim Garba, was also shot by the assailants. He survived the shooting, but is in the hospital receiving medical care. This attack came just days after another pastor and three other Christians in a north-central state were killed earlier this month.

MorningStar said that Charles Yahaya a resident of the area believes that this kidnapping is just one of many that have taken place in recent years. He believes that young Christian women are being targeted for kidnappings so that they can be forced into Islam and sold as wives. “Testimonies and exhibits at the crime scene show that the kidnappers were very organized, very informed on their target and heavily armed. This is one incident among many. It is the sustained and targeted kidnapping of Christian girls in northern Nigeria, after which they are forcefully converted to Islam and married off, thereby becoming sex slaves. Something is going on in our country that needs to be addressed systematically and collectively by all well-meaning citizens.

Kidnapping for ransom and kidnapping for conversion have both become big business in Nigeria. Many young girls have been taking by both criminals and terror groups such as Boko Haram. These girls disappear and are sold into slavery as wives or are used in suicide bombings. Please pray these two young girls who are being held against their will and may very well be treated as less than human.

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