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09/19/2020 Lebanon (International Christian Concern) – Just over a month after a massive explosion rocked Beirut’s port, one of the worst non-nuclear explosions in global history, Lebanon has struggled to move forward. The country underwent a traumatic civil war that ended three decades ago, but the resulting peace has always been fragile. Prior to the explosion, tensions were already flaring between the country’s many factions.

Many Lebanese have expressed concern that this explosion has ignited a fresh wave of tension as the country grapples with rebuilding. On the one side, there are different Christian political factions. On the other side, there are the more Islamist factions, with the strongest being Hizbollah who is a terrorist group backed by Iran.

Lebanon is unique in the Middle East because the Christian community does have strong political influence and even constitutionally mandated high level government positions. But they are not unified, and the influence from Hizbollah is also extremely strong. Balancing this tension is never easy.  Given the unique political situation of Lebanon for the region, it is important to monitor the direction of the country, which could have significant implications for religious freedom.

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