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09/18/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) –  Two court cases involving Egyptian Christians were again delayed. The decision comes from separate courts.

The Minya Criminal Court postponed the session regarding the murder of Coptic Christian Iskander Tous. He was killed in Dalga in 2013 following the Muslim Brotherhood burning and looting Christian homes. It is expected that the upcoming session will include photos and videos of those involved in the murder. The lawyer Ehab Ramzy said to local press, “the case was refiled to allow the crime lab to assure the identity of the criminals… The total accused persons are 45, and there are 13 accused persons who are in continued imprisonment right now.”

The second delayed case involved Souad Thabet, an elderly Christian woman who was stripped naked and force to walk through the street in the Our Lady of Karm village in 2016. Her case was postponed to the second week of November by the Beni Suef Court of Appeals.

Both cases have experienced multiple delays, and justice remains fleeting. Unfortunately, this is common. Christians are encouraged to not pursue judicial remedies following a persecution incident, and to instead reconcile with their attackers. When they do pursue a court case, delays are frequent and they continue to face substantial pressure to reconcile.

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