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09/16/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) –  It is estimated that at least 25 Christian villages in northern Iraq have emptied, according to an interview with Father Samir of the Amadiya Diocese published by AsiaNews. This displacement occurs because of Turkish airstrikes, which allege to target the PKK (an internationally recognized terrorist group) but which often indiscriminately target citizens. For example, the priest states that last week these airstrikes targeted a car carrying aid near the Christian village of Araden.

These villages are located in the KRG region of Iraq, often along the border with Turkey, who has military checkpoints several miles deep inside the region. Turkey has long pursued military operations in this area against the PKK. However, these operations have only grown in intensity during recent years. The Christian community who live here are primarily Assyrian, and they are the descendants of those who escaped the Turkish genocide of 1915. There is a strong feeling among the Christian community that they are once again targeted by Turkey for genocide, and also caught within the cross-hairs of yet another conflict.

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