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09/11/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)Over nine months ago, Huma Younus, a 14-year-old Christian girl living in Pakistan, was abducted at gunpoint, allegedly by a man hired by Huma’s parents as a driver for the family.

While in his captivity, Huma has been forced to convert to Islam, forced to “marry” her kidnapper, repeatedly raped, and isolated in a single room of her captor’s home.

Huma will be lost forever unless we cry out on her behalf and embarrass the authorities behind this travesty of justice.

We beg you to help us bring justice for Huma. By signing this petition, you will be telling Pakistani authorities to address this grave injustice and return Huma to her family.


I’ve got a question for you, what price would you pay to get your daughter back if she was abducted and being abused? Now, we both know the answer to that, any parent knows the answer to that, you pay any price, it doesn’t matter. But for one couple in Pakistan, this isn’t a theoretical question, this is a question they’re dealing with right now. Their daughter, Huma, was abducted from the home. She was taken at gunpoint and shoved into a car. Her sister witnessed the abduction, a neighbor witnessed the abduction, and we don’t know exactly what happened right after that, but we know from thousands of other cases, probably what happened. And this happens to Christian girls in Pakistan repeatedly. So, the girl’s typically taken to an area that’s hidden or quiet, she’s repeatedly raped, immediately raped, often beaten, often drugged, chained, et cetera.

And then, she’s confined to one room of a house when she’s been drugged and lost her will. So, that’s typically the situation. And this is where the case gets maddening, Huma’s parents immediately went to the police, they knew who abducted their kid and they go to the police and what do the police do? They basically tell them to go away, they don’t want to deal with it. A few days after she was kidnapped, the parents got a call, and that caller said that she had converted to Islam and that she was now married, and Huma’s parents knew exactly what happened, but regardless … So, they started the court case. Now at this point, they’re getting death threats, again, this is very normal, but they’re getting death threats and told that they have to drop this case or they’ll be killed.

But amazingly they didn’t, they said, “We will pay any price.” Right? They want to get their daughter back. Recently, there was a hearing on the case and Huma’s parents were not even allowed into the courtroom to see their daughter, and that’s often by design because the daughter’s going to cry out. Oftentimes she can’t, she’s drugged and beaten and so scared. She just wants the beatings to stop and the rape to stop. And then the court says, “Look, this is a legal case.” Now, Huma is 14, the legal age for marriage in Pakistan is 18, but they ruled on the basis of Sharia law. And this goes back to Muhammad met his favorite wife when she was six years old and consummated the marriage, had sex with her, when she was either nine or 10, after the first menstrual cycle.

So they said, “Huma’s had her first menstrual cycle, so therefore under Sharia law, the marriage is legal.” It’s a travesty of justice. I asked you in the beginning, what price you would pay if your daughter had been abducted? And Huma’s parents said, “Look …” They said, “We’re never going to give up.” That’s what they’ve told us, “We’ll never give up. We cannot give up hope for our daughter.” I want to ask you to adopt Huma. Okay? That’s her only hope. At this point, we have to do what we call the name and shame game, and that means we want to shout and we want to bring a lot of shame to what these local officials have done. There’s two things we’re doing, first of all, sign the petition.

So, sign the petition and spread it around. Okay. We’ve got to get a lot of signatures on this. Tell people about the case. Now, secondly, I want you to call the embassy in your country. We’re going to list them right here on the video, and if you’re in a Western country and if we don’t have it listed, find the embassy, call up, be polite, but ask for justice for Huma’s case, who is abducted. Okay. So, please call, get your friends to call. It’s the only thing we can do. We’ve got to embarrass the officials who were involved in this and get the federal officials involved. It’s the only hope we have for Huma. So, do me a favor, adopt Huma, make her your daughter. This is what Jesus said, “Who is our neighbor?” Huma is our neighbor and she’s our daughter, and I want us to all stand up for her and let’s see if we cannot set her free. God bless you.

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