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09/10/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Sudanese authorities had released a letter on August 23, that told schools to only include subjects listed in the letter in their curriculum. One of the many subjects that was omitted was Christian studies. This omission worried many Christian leaders in the country and around the world. Now, the director of the National Centre for Curriculum and Educational Research, Omer Ahmed al-Garay, says that the omission was an error. Garay stated in his new directive, “In reference to our previous letter dated Aug. 23, 2020, regarding the school subjects, we wish to consider the new timetable attached. The old timetable had unintended error.”

He then continued by apologizing to his “Christian brothers” who had called with their concerns about the omission. Despite this news, Some Christian authorities in Sudan say that the re-addition of the subject will not change anything in reality. According to Rev. Yahia Nalu in speaking with Morningstar News, “The apology of the director will not change the reality of the matter,” He continued, “Christianity will continue to be in the timetable, but there will be no one to teach it in government schools, because there are no teachers appointed by the government to teach it.

If the government in Sudan wants to show that they are truly trying to care for their “Christian brothers”, then they must hire qualified Christian teachers to teach in their public schools. These teachers must also be allowed to teach Christianity in the way that the church and faith leaders believe is appropriate. The government cannot stop the teaching of Christian faith without showing that they are still biased against it. They must also make it clear that no Christian student is required to take any Islamic studies classes or be forced to convert to Islam anywhere in the country. ICC is very happy to hear that they are allowing the teaching of Christian studies, but we must see these other changes as well to know that the new government is truly working for freedom of all.

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