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09/10/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – A priest in China’s Jiangxi province who has refused to join the state-approved Catholic church in China, received a notice from the government on September 1, notifying him that he can no longer conduct any activities as a clergy.

According to China Aid, on September 1, father Lu Xinping received a notice from the Jinxi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau. The bureau quoted regulations on religious affairs and Jiangxi province’s own regulations on religious affairs, accusing the priest that his clergy status was not certified by religious groups and not reported to relevant agency. He cannot participate in any religious activities as a clergy from now on.

Unfortunately, father Lu is not the only victim in Jiangxi province. Last month, Asia News also reported that bishop and priests in the diocese of Yujiang were banned from openly preaching and doing related church activities, since they have refused to join the “independent Church,” namely the state-controlled Catholic church.

With a provisional agreement between China and the Vatican signed in September 2018 soon to be due for renewal, the underground Catholic Church in China is likely to face more pressure from the government.

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