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09/09/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Earlier this week, Fulani militants attacked the Adara communities of Buda and Kemara Rimi in Kajuru Local Government Area of Kaduna State. The first of these attacks took place in Buda Community on September 6. During this attack, the Fulani militants killed three people including the local Evangelical Church Winning All’s pastor, 45-year-old Rev. Alubara Audu. Alongside Rev. Audu, Adamu Tata, 40, a father of four, and Ishaku Peter, 37, a father of five, were both killed as well. Another two people were kidnapped during this attack.

Then later that same day, the militants abducted five people from the town of Kemara Rimi. These five were named Ojo Aminu, 35, Danfulani Makaranta, 37, Namiji Gwamna, 36, Ali Musa, 36 and Grace Mathew, 16. So far no news has been released about ransoms or deaths of these individuals.

The killing of yet another pastor and destruction of many Christian homes in this Christian dominated area of the state, yet again shows how hostile the Fulani militant groups are to Christians. The numerous attacks that have taken place in Kaduna State this year have devastated the adara community. Many have been killed and injured, while many more have been displaced and become homeless. The governor of the state, Governor el-Rufai, yet again has made no statements about these attacks. His silence on the many attacks on Christian villages is only outweighed by the complete absurdity when he makes comments on them in order to blame the victims for the violence. His bias towards and seeming support of the attackers has concerned many around the State and the world. Please pray for these attacks to be stopped and for Christians to remain safe and strong in their faith no matter what.

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