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09/01/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – On August 23, a student summer camp hosted by a house church in China’s Henan province was raided by more than 30 people from local authorities. The church was accused of “conducting illegal religious activities.” Its chairs, desks, along with projecting device were confiscated during the process.

According to China Aid, Xinyang City Gushi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau, Public Security Bureau, and the Joint Chengguan (urban management force) Task Force raided a house church near Gushi Third Middle School North Campus on August 23 under the name of “law enforcement.”

The leader of the church, Wang Guangming, told China Aid that the church was hosting summer camp that day, teaching elementary school students piano, guitar, and music theory. “I was not present at the church that day. They came and said that we were gathering illegally, and confiscated my personal property, including projector, desks, chairs, fans, and speaker. They have not brought them back as of today,” he said on August 28.

Another member said, the officials from the Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau claimed that they have received “a tip from residents” during their raid. No one wore uniform or showed their IDs. Once they entered, they started to videotape and take photos. The pastor’s wife was taken away by the police.

This raid most likely took place since the Xinyang City Gushi County Ethnic and Religious Affairs Bureau stated previously that from August 20 to September 20, it will conduct a month-long investigation to crack down on illegal religious activities, as reported by ICC.

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