“Our Faith Is Strengthened by This Act of Kindness.”

08/31/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)The Oraon family experienced God in a profound way. Tirpan’s son, Parameswar, was the first convert in their village of Tulbul in 2005. Through Parameswar’s witnessing, the entire family came to know Christ as well. All but one, Tirpan’s younger brother Babulal.

According to radical Hindu nationalists, to be Indian is to be Hindu, any variation is unacceptable, especially within the village. Since 2005, Tulbul villagers barred the Oraon family from weddings or other social events because of their conversion to Christianity.

During a Hindu celebration it is common to offer donations, of any kind, to honor the village gods and goddesses. The Oraon family refused to make a donation during one of these festivals, offending the village leaders, enraging Babulal and other Hindu radicals.

Fueled with anger, Babulal broke into Tirpan’s house and started to attack him relentlessly. Tirpan, 65-years-old, fell to the ground, fracturing his left hip.

My father was beaten up and he broke his hip because he refused to deny his faith in Jesus,” Parameswar told International Christian Concern (ICC). “Our land was taken away by my uncles and we were casted out. We were in deep pain for all the circumstances around us because of our faith.”

No government hospital would admit Tirpan or give him the necessary medical treatment due to limited space reserved for COVID-19 patients. With no money, the family could not cover the cost of the surgery Tirpan needed to restore his fractured hip. For four months, Tirpan suffered severe pain, unable to stand, walk, or use the bathroom comfortably. ICC found a surgeon willing to operate on Tirpan at a hospital 125 miles away in Ranchi.

The surgery on Tirpan’s hip was challenging as it was more than three months old,” Dr. Arun Kumar Das, Tirpan’s surgeon, told ICC. “If the delay would have been longer, he could have developed bone cancer.

I am thrilled that Tirpan was brought in, and I was able to do my part,” Dr. Das continued. “As per his medical condition, I can assure that he will be fully recovered in a month. He will be able to walk without the help of crutches.

ICC also provided financial assistance, transportation, his family’s stay in Ranchi, and food support for the Oraon’s. The assistance eased the family’s burdens, and has allowed Tirpan to walk again.

My father is able to stand on his legs because of ICC’s assistance,” Parameswar said to ICC’s India representative. “My family and I are so thankful to ICC for their help and concern.

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