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08/21/2020 Mali (International Christian Concern) – On Tuesday this week, military leaders in Mali overthrew their government in a bloodless coup. The President, Ibrahim Boubacar Keita was forced to resign and he disbanded the country’s parliament at the same time. The coup leaders have vowed to hold elections as quickly as possible, and say that they were conducting this overthrow in order to stop the country from falling further into chaos.

Despite these vows, there has been a lot of international outcry against the coup. There has been heavy support by the UN, France, and the United States as well as others in the fight against Islamic extremist groups in Mali for the past decade. Many of these countries see this coup as a step backwards and believe that it will likely leave the country open to further attacks by terrorist organizations. This is a major issue as Mali is already the training grounds for some of the world’s worst terrorist organizations including Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb, JNIM, and al-Nusrat wal Muslimeen.

If these groups and other are allowed to take even stronger positions in Mali, it could mean major problems for the rest of West Africa. Christians in Mali already face major discrimination and a lower class status due to being a minority. If this extremism is allowed to spread to other countries such as Ghana, any more Christians are likely to suffer. Please be in prayer for wisdom and peace rule over Mali.

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