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08/20/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – Today Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi is expected to join US President Trump at the White House. It is anticipated that the conversation will largely focus on issues relating to security and the economy.

Iraq’s government is closely intertwined with Iran and militias. While al-Kadhimi has taken some significant steps addressing these problems, it is unclear how long he can continue in office and whether reform is actually possible. Pro-Iranian factions within the country are also creating significant pressure against the United States. In the days immediately prior to al-Kadhimi’s visit, a wave of activist assassinations and other types of violence connected to militias occurred.

It is unclear whether the conversation will include discussion directly relating to Iraq’s Christian community. However, Iraq’s religious minorities are always the first victims of the country’s massive security and economic problems. The Nineveh Plains, where most of Iraq’s Christians lived prior to displacement by ISIS, is now heavily controlled by pro-Iranian militias. Infrastructure remains largely missing from the governorate, and as well as economic opportunities. Many Christians feel that security and stability are constantly absent.

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