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08/19/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – In a stunning turn last month, Sudan’s current government overturned the long standing apostasy law. This law stated that those in Sudan who were Muslim and left for another religion were guilty of a crime. The punishment for this crime was death. It was the basis of the case against Mariam Ibrahim in 2014, which gained international attention and took several years to get her released.

Despite this good move forward, many NGO’s feel that the government has not gone far enough in its efforts to give freedom to its people. At the same time that the apostasy law was repealed, many other amendments were made to Sudanese laws. On the face, many of these laws were meant to bring freedom. However according to a statement published in the Sudan Tribune, a collaborative group of NGOs say that “Despite the abolition of Article 126 (Apostasy), the amendments did not address many issues of personal freedom that continue to go unprotected. Rather, they included a clear violation of the principles of human rights contained in regional and international agreements and charters that Sudan has ratified.” Some of the issues that they have deal with freedom for women and religious minorities.

Please pray that the government in Sudan would continue to work towards giving freedom to their people. Pray that those in Sudan who seek to gain freedom would do so in a wise and honest manner.

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