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08/17/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – On August 11, a group of radical Hindu nationalists brutally attacked four Christian women who had gathered for prayer in Sarurpur village, located on the outskirts of Faridabad, Harayana. As a result of the attack, the four women have been hospitalized. One of the four women, named Sangeeta, is reportedly fighting for her life.

According to local sources, Pastor Rajesh Gupta, who serves as a church planter in the area, was visiting Sarupur village with his wife and daughter when the attack happened.

As Pastor Rajesh and his family were visiting a Christian home, a mob of ten radicals approached. Sensing danger, Pastor Rajesh fled. Enraged, the radicals went into the Christian home and brutally beat the four Christian women that had gathered, including Pastor Rajesh’s wife and daughter.

As a result of the attack, the four Christian women were severely injured. Sangeeta, Pastor Rajesh’s wife, sustained multiple injuries including a leg fracture and internal injuries to the abdomen after she was hit with an iron rod. Sushma, another Christian woman who had gathered in the house, sustained a serious head injury after being hit either with an iron rod or a wooden club.

All four women were taken to Life Hospital in Faridabad for treatment. However, all come from poor backgrounds and are struggling to manage the medical expenses that are being incurred as a result of the injuries. A police complaint has been filed against the ten radicals, but no actions have been taken against the assailants by police.

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