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08/13/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – After several operations, Nadeem Joseph died on June 29 from three gunshot wounds to his abdomen because he refused to give up his home in the Muslim neighborhood of Peshawar.

Nadeem’s Muslim neighbor threatened him and his family to leave on June 4, or face the consequences. The community was not the place for “filthy Christians.” Armed with an AK-47, the neighbor and his two sons kept their promise. Despite hearing gunshots, Nadeem’s neighbors shut their windows and did not call the police.


His mother-in-law survived the attack; she received a gunshot wound to her shoulder. His wife and children are victims of the increasing anti-Christian sentiment in Muslim neighborhoods. Renters refuse to rent to non-Muslims, kick non-Muslims out of properties, etc.  


Discrimination against religious minorities, unfortunately, is prevalent in Pakistan.” Mr. Sahotra, a Pakistani politician, told Independent Catholic News, “there is no respect or acceptance for them.”


People are not even willing to rent their properties to non-Muslims; they even advertise it openly that non-Muslims are not allowed to enter the properties.” Mr. Sahotra added, “I don’t know if people in the West can understand what kind of difficult situation we are facing here on religious grounds.”

Minority religious groups supported the foundation of Pakistan in 1947, as a significant part of the population. However, they are significantly affected, falling from 25 percent to two percent of the people, deprived of fundamental human rights.

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