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08/08/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – On June 5, Turkish pastor’s American wife Joy Subaşıgüller was denied a family visa to remain in Turkey. Joy has lived in Turkey for ten years, has been married to her Turkish husband for seven, and has three children who are Turkish citizens. Recently, it was discovered that her visa was denied because she was given an N82 code. A second court case was opened in an attempt to repeal the code (Case No. 2020/988, First Administrative Court of Ankara).

An N82 code is a security designation that regularly acts as a de facto entry ban. Those who receive it are completely barred from re-entry into Turkey. Such a code is regularly applied towards foreign Christians who live within the country. Joy is not the first to experience this discrimination, as over 35 foreign Protestants received similar notices last year alone.

The Turkish government has given no reason for issuing this code. Many believe it is because Joy and her family are Christians, and that it is part of a larger attempt by Turkey to force Christianity away from the country. The Subaşıgüllers seek prayer as they await the verdict of their appeals.

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