ICC Provides Critical Operation to Elderly Christian in India

By ICC’s India Correspondent

08/07/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)In May 2020, Tirpan Oraon, a 65-year-old Christian from India’s Jharkhand state, was brutally attacked because he refused to recant his Christian faith. As a result of the attack, Tirpan’s hip was broken, and his family was left in a desperate situation.

It was impossible for us to pay for the surgery,” Pastor Parameswar Oraon, Tirpan’s son, told International Christian Concern (ICC), discussing how the family struggled to recover from the attack. “At one point, we were getting ready to sell our farmland to pay for the treatment. This would have taken away our livelihood.

Tirpan and his family converted to Christianity in 2005 after they heard the Gospel from an evangelist. Since then, they have faced social pressure from family and fellow villagers to recant their new faith. When this social pressure did not work, radical Hindu nationalists instigated Tirpan’s brother to attack.

On May 9, Tirpan was brutally beaten by his younger brother. This happened after Tirpan refused to contribute money to a local Hindu festival.

Unable to afford the necessary treatment for the broken hip, Tirpan attempted to recover from the attack at home, suffering excruciating pain for three months.

I have been struggling with pain for the last two months,” Tirpan told ICC in an interview in June. “I cannot get up on my own, sit, or even get to the toilet. The pain is increasing day by day.

That is when ICC jumped into action. To help Tirpan and his family, ICC arranged for the needed surgery on Tirpan’s hip. Working with a local surgeon, ICC provided the funds for the operation, recovery, and transportation to and from the hospital.

The surgery on Tirpan’s hip was challenging as it was more than three months old,” Dr. Arun Kumar Das, Tirpan’s surgeon, told ICC. “If the delay would have been longer, he could have developed bone cancer.

I am thrilled that Tirpan was brought in, and I was able to do my part,” Dr. Das continued. “As per his medical condition, I can assure that he will be fully recovered in a month. He will be able to walk without the help of crutches.

I fold my hands and thank ICC for helping with my father’s treatment,” Pastor Parameswar told ICC. “We are not going to give up our faith in any situation. We feel that we are spiritually strong because ICC stood with us in this time of difficulty and persecution. We are very encouraged by the way God’s people responded to our troubles.

Today, Tirpan Oraon is home, recovered, and pain-free. He and his family remain thankful to ICC and its donors for the aid they received.

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