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07/31/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – According to the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) India, a Christian house church, led by two Christians named Vinod and Sujatha, was attacked by a mob led by radical Hindu nationalists in Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh.

On July 2, Christians assembled at a house church to pray in Azamgarh when the mob attacked and disrupted the service. The mob was led by the son of the village leader. The radicals threatened the Christians and said they would be killed if they tried to gather again.

The next day, July 3, the mob returned to the house church and ransacked it. A Christian woman present was threatened and told not to seek help from the police. Members of the mob threatened that the Christian men would be murdered, women would be raped, and the house church would be set on fire.

The mob also accused Vinod of carrying out forceful religious conversions. Later, he was captured by the mob and forced to bow down before a Hindu idol.

According to ADF India, the Christians of Azamgarh reached out to ADF’s Uttar Pradesh Legal Aid Cell for assistance. An FIR was registered and six leaders from the mob were taken into police custody.

However, a crowd of 100 people gathered outside the police station and demanded the release of the criminals. A few days later, under pressure, the police released the six leaders from their custody.

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