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07/31/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Agos, an Armenian media outlet, has reported three recent incidents targeting Armenians living in Turkey as a result of the conflict involving Azerbaijan. Armed clashes between the country of Armenia and Azerbaijan on July 12th and the following days has led to an increase of hostilities that has gripped the nation of Turkey.

In one incident, a group of Azeris attacked three Armenians living in Istanbul. The fight did not cause serious damage, and the attackers fled before help arrived for the Armenians. There have been no legal developments on this and similar cases. Armenian Member of Turkey’s Parliament, Garo Paylan, has also addressed these incidents and has requested an increase of vigilance following such developments, as well as justice towards those who provoke such attacks. Other Armenians in Turkey have warned each other to keep a low profile during this time of tension.

Following the Christian genocide nearly a century ago, the Armenian community living in Turkey was decimated. Many of the survivors would go on to live outside of Turkey, including in neighboring countries such as Armenia. Turkey continues in its failure to recognize the genocide and the authorities frequently make comments and establish policies which encourage hostilities to those Armenians who remain living in the country. Turkey maintains a close connection with Azerbaijan, a Muslim country with a large Turkish population.

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