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07/27/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – On July 10, a radical Hindu nationalist threatened and attacked Pastor Rukachand Fulmali’s home in an attempt to demolish his house church and remove the cross. The incident took place in the Nabarangpur district of India’s Odisha state.

According to local sources, a group radical nationalists attacked Pastor Fulmali, saying, “You have received the Christian religion, built a church in the village, and converted some of our villagers to Christianity. We will not allow you to reside in the village. We will kill and burn all of your family members.

As these threats were being made, the radicals threw heavy stones at Pastor Fulmali’s home. These stones broke roof sheets over five rooms.

During the attack, Pastor Fulmali and his family did not come out of their home. The Hindu nationalists did not leave the home until 3:00 a.m. in an effort to also attack Pastor Fulmali.

Pastor Fulmali called the local police while the incident was happening. He reportedly said, “Sir, we were attacked by the villagers. They are throwing heavy stones on our house. Please come here!

However, the police reportedly replied rudely saying, “Are we are the guards of your house? I don’t have an office vehicle. Once the vehicle comes, I will come to you and it will take two hours.

Despite this promise, the police did not arrive to help Pastor Fulmali and his family until the next day.

In the six months prior to the attack, Pastor Fulmali was threatened by local villagers.  They asked he close his church and remove the cross. Also, they ban Pastor Fulmali and other local Christians from collecting water from the village bore well.

Pastor Fulmali filed a First Information Report (FIR No. 0100) against the radical nationalists that attacked his home. However, the pastor and his family have left their house and taken shelter in another pastor’s house outside of the village.

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