Tunisian Christians Fight for Recognition

07/22/2020 Tunisia (International Christian Concern) – A new report published by the Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) details Tunisian religious minorities’ ongoing battle for full recognition. The report argues that despite Tunisia’s general respect for human rights and religious freedom, religious minorities often assimilate into the dominant Arab-Muslim identity. Explaining the country’s history, CIHRS states that although minorities have acquired some rights, “they still lack full citizenship to some extent and face societal stigma.”

The report acknowledges that while this problem impacts all Christians, the Catholic presence is acknowledged but the status of the Protestant Church remains unclarified. Christians in general lack a legislative framework to exercise their rights in a public manner. Tunisia is widely regarded as one of the more open countries in the region, despite the country’s leanings toward Islam. Christian leaders in Tunisia have asked for more awareness about their legal challenges, while also acknowledging that Tunisia’s record compared in the region is exemplar which gives them hope that true change is indeed possible.

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