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07/21/2020 Egypt (International Christian Concern) – Local news reports that on July 15th, Christian Egyptian woman Rania Abd El Misseh reunited with her family. She was kidnapped in late April. In May, local police arrested three of the men (Ashraf Hamed Abd El Slaam Hamza, Muhammed Fathi Salam, and one other) who were responsible for her kidnapping.

Rania, a mother of three and an elementary school teacher, was kidnapped on April 23rd by two veiled women. Three days later, a video began circulating of Rania renouncing her faith and converting to Islam. Many noticed she was under great duress in the video and likely was being forced to convert. The Grand Imam of Al-Azhar confirmed that Rania had not declared any Islamic conversion to the Islamic authorities and Rania remains strong in her Christian faith.

It is unclear how the authorities intend to proceed against Rania’s alleged abductors. Historically, many Christians feel as if the Egyptian authorities do not take seriously crimes committed against Christians. It is also common for Christian women to be kidnapped and forcibly converted to Islam.

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