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07/18/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – Church leaders in Pakistan have raised concern over a video that went viral on social media that prompted hate against Christians. On that video, published on YouTube, a Muslim cleric uttered derogatory remarks against Christians, particularly Pakistani Christians.

In the video, the cleric called himself, “An orderly spiritual person in Islam.

The cleric went on to provoked his followers, saying, “I used to live in Rawalpindi, a city next to the country’s capital, Islamabad, when I was a student. There was a church of Esais (a derogatory word used for Christians), near my residence. Some of my classmates were interested to see the church from inside. There wasn’t any harm going in, however, each time I answered them, ‘We have nothing to do with the places of worship of those who do not recognize our Prophet.’

I want to let you know that these people (Christians) are the worst infidels of the universe,” the cleric continued. “We should keep distance from them.

Those Christians have no right to live in this Islamic country,” the cleric shouted. “Throw them out from this country.

They should go to Trump, the President of USA,” the cleric continued, “and polish his shoe and work for him only. In Pakistan, they have no right to live. God willing, we are ready to scarify our lives on the issue of finality of Prophethood of Hazrat Muhammad.

“The hate-speech by the cleric is an act against religious harmony,” Fr. Qaisar Feroz told International Christian Concern (ICC). “The government should take practical measures to control such kind of religious fundamentalism.

Across Pakistan, Christians face daily persecution because of their faith identity. According to Open Doors USA World Watch List, Pakistan is the 5th most hostile country in the world for Christians. The extremist ideology expressed by the cleric on YouTube is one of the major drivers of Christian persecution in Pakistan and must be confronted by authorities.

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