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07/10/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – Recently, while trying to fly out of Istanbul with his family, a foreign pastor living in the city was told he would be denied reentry if he left. Following this warning, he cancelled his flight and filed an appeal. This is yet another recent incidence of an American Christian being threatened with deportation, as wife of a Turkish pastor, Joy Subaşıgüller, was recently denied her residency permit.

At least 16 other foreign Christian workers were expelled from Turkey earlier this year. Both of these American Christians had the necessary legal documents and residency permits to live in the country, and yet the government still targeted them. This makes these cases even more concerning, especially as the deportations could result in the separation of Turkish-American families.

Despite being a self-proclaimed secular nation, Turkey consistently discriminates against and persecutes Christians, especially those from foreign nations. The number of deportation cases this year is alarming. Turkey has a history of using deportations to diminish the church’s presence, such as during the Armenian Genocide.

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