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07/09/2020 Pakistan (International Christian Concern) – On June 22, a group of an estimated 50 Islamic radicals attacked the Christian residents of Racecourse, a Christian neighborhood located in Karachi, Pakistan.

According to a video shared by Johnson Bhatti and Dilawar Bhatti through social media, “a dispute between Christians and Muslims erupted when a Muslim man beat a Christian sanitary worker and his son for refusing to clean his street.”

It is also common practice for Muslims to abuse Christians through the use of the slur “choora”.

local religious and political leaders intervened in the situation, and reconciliation was reached as both parties signed an agreement. However, there is little doubt that this will help protect the Christians. Bhatti shared with ICC that “Muslims will rebound as they chanted torching Christian’s houses, disgracing women, vandalizing Churches and Christian’s properties.”

Therefore, our youth is also vigilant to counter their attack if they plan, added Bhatti.

“Authorities should ensure protection toward Christians. Also, pray for the threats against their community,” requested Bhatti.

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