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07/06/2020 Iran (International Christian Concern) – During the last week of June, at least twelve Christians were arrested by Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. These arrests occurred in the cities of Tehran, Karaj, and Malayer. The authorities also obtained the contact info for dozens more, saying they would be summoned soon for questioning. The raids were allegedly coordinated through an informant.

At a Tehran house-church, one Armenian Christian and five converts were arrested. The other 24 Christians who were present but not arrested had their mobile phones confiscated. Three more converts were also arrested in the Tehran-Karaj area, and later another three in Malayer. The last three have since been released on bail of 30 million tomans ($1,500 USD).

No information has been released on the fate of the other nine Christians yet, other than that two have had their bail set for 50 million tomans ($2,500). Although a reason for arrest was not explicitly stated, the Christians’ homes were searched specifically for Bibles, Christian literature, and communication devices. It is not uncommon for Iranian Christians to be arrested for their faith, despite Iran’s claim never to arrest citizens for their beliefs.

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