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06/30/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, police in India’s Uttar Pradesh state released without charges a suspect in the attempted murder of Pastor Dinesh Kumar last month. This happened after police were reportedly pressured by local Hindu nationalists.

In May, International Christian Concern (ICC) reported that several unidentified individuals followed Pastor Kumar on motorcycle as he was returning home from a prayer meeting. Pastor Kumar was then brutally attacked by the unknown assailants wielding sticks. He was hit on the head until he was rendered unconscious.

They had no intentions to threaten me – they attacked to kill me,” Pastor Kumar later told Morning Star News.

The assailants continued to attack until a local person noticed the situation. The assailants fled the scene, and the local person helped Pastor Kumar to his house.

Pastor Kumar was taken to the hospital, where he received 16 stitches and remained unconscious for an extended period of time. Later, in an intensive care unit, Pastor Kumar called the head of the Madhuban police to report that he recognized the assailants. However, since Pastor Kumar could not identify the assailants by name, the police report stated “unknown persons” had attacked Pastor Kumar.

I had often seen this man in the village when I visited the Christians,” Pastor Kumar told Morning Star News. “I noticed him while I was sharing from the Word of God. He was observing me. Later, when he attacked me, I could clearly recognize him, but I did not know his name. I inquired with the villagers the name of the person and only then could I report his name to the police.

When Pastor Kumar went to the police station to identify the suspects, the police had seemingly already decided the case.

When we entered the police station for the identification process, the attacker was treated like a VIP, not as a criminal,” Deepak Kumar, brother-in-law of Pastor Dinesh, told Morning Star News. “He was released the same day, even after we insisted that he is the one.

At the police station, Pastor Kumar expected to hear about the arrest of the other three men. However, he was shocked to hear that, due to political pressure from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, all four assailants have been set free in the village.

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