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06/30/2020 Turkey (International Christian Concern) – On May 30th, one of the oldest survivors of the Greek genocide, Xanthippe Apostolidou, passed away at the age of 103. She was forced to leave her village in Turkey at a young age, moving to Greece during the last phase of the genocide. Apostolidou shared her family’s story with younger generations, passing along the legacy of those impacted by those tragic events.

The Ottoman Empire’s genocide of the Greek people occurred between 1914 and 1923, seeing at least 750,000 million Greek Christians executed and displaced. Assyrian and Armenian Christians were also targeted by genocide during this time. Despite international recognition as a genocide, modern-day Turkey continues to deny these events, saying that their deaths were either causalities of war or even deserved executions.

As the last survivors of the Greek genocide pass away, it is important that testimonies are shared and awareness is raised about the reality of those tragic events. Until Turkey acknowledges its own history and take steps to address those policies which continue to discriminate and ostracize ethnic Christians, healing is not possible for the surviving communities.

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