ICC Relocates a Persecuted Christian Wife

06/18/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – In 2018, Anna accepted Christ after hearing the Good News from a relative. Knowing that her newfound faith placed her at risk in her predominantly Muslim community, she tried to hide her faith.

However, when Anna’s husband noticed her praying one evening, he began beating her. In the morning, he contin­ued harassing her, and struck her with a wood­en board. Thankfully, her neighbors heard the commotion and brought Anna and her children to a nearby clinic.

She was eventu­ally transferred to a rescue center that houses more than 100 Muslim-background believers, where she and her children lived temporar­ily. ICC then provided the funds necessary to help Anna rebuild her life in a new town, safe from her abusive husband, where she and her children can grow in their faith.

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