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06/13/2020 India (International Christian Concern) – According to Morning Star News, police in Jharkhand, India refused to register a complaint after an attack sent by several Christians to the hospital. In another incident, police officers in another area of Jharkhand falsely accused a Christian’s relatives of an assault that left a woman unconscious.

On May 10, a church under construction in Budhakaman village was partially torn down by a mob of a Sarna nationalists. According to Suman Sinku, wife of the church pastor, the mob also attacked the village’s Christians.

The [verbal] abuse to the Christians was in extremely derogatory language,” Sinku told Morning Star News. “They held Suraj Chatomba and punched his jaws and back. The assailants knocked another Christian, Muni Chatomba, to the ground and kicked her [in] her face and upper body.

Christians called the police about the attack at 11:00 a.m., however, officers didn’t arrive until 2:30 p.m. to disperse the mob. The next morning, on May 11, Sinku and other members of the Christian community accompanied the injured Christians to the police station, where the police refused to register a complaint against the assailants.

On May 30, relatives of Reena Kumari, a 23-year-old Christian women, said radical Hindu nationalists broke into Kumari’s home, dragged her out, and pressured her to renounce Christ.

They were after her that night, tormenting her,” Phulmari Devi, Kumari’s mother, told Morning Star News. “They badgered her.

The next day, on May 31, six radicals broke into the family’s home and dragged Devi, her husband, and three daughters to the village council. There, they demanded that Kumari sign a document stating she would agree to stop attending church and telling other about Christ.

My daughter told them that she had signed it and that should be enough and that they must not force our family to sign it,” Devi reported to Morning Star News. “They went on to hold her by her hair and punched her on her back and head.

After the assault, Kumari was taken to the hospital. Later, Kumari’s relatives discovered that police officers had falsely accused their relatives of the assault to protect the radical Hindu nationalists.

The police had noted names of our relatives, who were helping us rescue our daughter from the beating, as the accused in the case,” Devi told Morning Star News. “We hope to bring this to the notice of the judge at the next hearing on June 15.

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