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06/04/2020 Nigeria (Morning Star News) – On Thursday May 28th, Fulani militants went into a mini-store in the town of Miango, in Plateau state and shot to death the store owner (42-years-old Asabe Samuel) and four others. They did not steal anything from the store or the victims.

The store owner’s brother, Sunday Samuel described the attack to Morning Star News, “I opened my bedroom window in order to find out what was happening. I saw armed men with guns shooting all around, and I thought they’ll force their way into my house. I heard the attackers speaking to themselves in Hausa and Fulfulde, calling for a quick retreat from the spot. I decided to go out and find out what had actually happened. I rushed to the store and found my sister and four others had been killed by the gunmen.” Asabe Samuel was a member of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in Miango, Plateau state.

Ibrahim Agu Iliya, a 42-year-old member of a nearby ECWA (Evangelical Church Winning All) church stated to Morning Star News the following, “These Muslim Fulani herdsmen have been attacking our communities because we are Christians. Their desire is to take over our lands, force us to become Muslims, and if we decline, they kill us.”

Samuel told Morning Star News, “I strongly believe that some of these security personnel who are Muslims are conniving with these armed men to attack our people. These killings of Christians here are just too much of a pressure on us, and the sad reality is that our people have made representations to the government at both the state and federal levels and nothing has been done.” Samuel stated that security agents didn’t stop armed herdsmen from killing defenseless people in Miango during a COVID-19 curfew.

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