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06/04/2020 Syria (International Christian Concern) – Recently, the Evangelical Church in the Netherlands joined with the Middle East Council of Churches in launching a restoration fund for Syrian houses of worship. COVID-19 had postponed the official, physical launch of the program. But it was technically launched during a recent online meeting between the two parties.

This fund’s goal is the rehabilitation of Christian faith-based social services and religious infrastructure damaged during the Syrian crisis. This includes the rebuilding of churches and empowering them to continue offering social, educational, and spiritual services within their communities.

The Syrian conflict, which was born out of the 2011 Arab Spring, has been ongoing for nine years without any sign of peaceful resolution. It has pitted neighbor against neighbor in the most violent manner, giving birth to a number of terrorist organizations such as ISIS. Most Christians fled Syria during the early stages of the civil war. Some, however, do remain and they are committed to helping rebuild the Christian presence within the country.

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