ICC Develops Autoshop for Family Displaced by ISIS

06/01/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern) – Nishwan and his family used to live in the bustling city of Mosul, Iraq. Nishwan worked in an auto repair shop, which pro­vided a good living for his three daughters. However, their life turned upside down when ISIS swept in and took control of the city in 2014. Abandoning the business and the familiarity of home, Nishwan and his family fled to Erbil.

Throughout the displacement, the family has had to adjust to a new normal as their hope of returning to Mosul dwindles. While ISIS remains active in the city’s underbelly and militias continue their campaign of aggres­sion, it is impractical for most Christians to return.

Meanwhile, Nishwan and his family are scraping by financially. After depleting their savings, Nishwan jumped from one job to the next, but the jobs were always unpredictable and left him without financial security.

Upon accepting that his family’s displace­ment was permanent, Nishwan decided that he would try to re-establish himself as his family’s provider by setting up a small auto shop.

Although Nishwan already had a location available for the shop, he lacked the funds to stock his business. ICC stepped in to provide him with a sustainable amount of inventory so that he could expand the shop and earn enough income to cover his family’s day-to-day needs. This business will also help meet the needs of his community which is home to a large population of displaced Christians.

Through our small investment, Nishwan can use his years of business expertise to grow this shop and provide for his family once again.

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