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05/31/2020 China (International Christian Concern) – On May 27, a member from Chengdu’s Early Rain Covenant Church (ERCC) was forcibly kicked out by his landlord and the police, after they removed his belongings from his rented apartment.

Hao Gui Ru and Cheng Xiangxi, both from ERCC, signed a lease with their current landlord on November 14 last year. The two-year contract will be due in November 2021. However, the police from Caojiaxiang and local authorities have been putting pressure on their landlord, asking him to evict his Christian tenants.

As reported by ICC, Cheng was recently detained for allegedly criticizing the government on WeChat. Cheng’s administrative detention expired on May 29 after two weeks. Now the authorities are targeting Hao.

After Hao was removed, he had to crash at another member’s house. When he attempted to move in to another Christian’s place the next day, local authorities sent dozens of people to stop him. Some people from the community attacked the believers with spatula and fist fight, yet the police deliberately turned a blind eye. Hao was told that he cannot even sleep on the streets.

According to China Aid, many ERCC members who are from other provinces have been casted away or evicted from their residence, after the local authorities put pressure on their landlords. They want these Christians to leave their jurisdiction or Chengdu.

As June 4 approaches, marking the 31st anniversary of Tiananman Massacre, the church might face even more surveillance or crackdown, since ERCC has traditionally hosted prayer meeting in remembrance of the tragic incident. Please continue to pray for this heavily persecuted church.

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