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05/22/2020 North Korea (International Christian Concern) – Christians in North Korea are constantly under pressure, with their faith a silent belief, Bibles hidden or memorized. North Korea is the number one most dangerous country for being a Christian. Parents who are Christians have to be careful how they share their faith with their children for fear they will leak out their faith at school, who could lead to imprisonment or death.

To be creative, Christians groups, such as the Voice of the Martyrs, attach Bibles to helium-filled balloons and see them float into North Korea, using GPS tracking in the balloons to see where they land. Another creative evangelistic way to get the Gospel through is radio broadcasting. These radio waves are their only chances in some cases, to ever hear the gospel. International Christian Concern supports Free North Korea Radio, a broadcasting network that reads the Bible, shares sermons, and plays Christian hymns over the radio.

Because Christianity is seen as dangerous, anyone who believes could also have their entire family for generations to be sent to a concentration camp. Christianity is seen not just as a ‘foreign’ or ‘Western’ religion, it is seen through an entirely different philosophy where adherence to Christianity is treason. To the authoritarian regime, Jesus is not Lord, Kim Jong Un is. To spread such a rebellious idea is the utmost dangerous threat to the most isolated state in the world.

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