Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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05/14/2020 Iraq (International Christian Concern) – In UNITAD’s 4th annual report presented to the Security Council on Monday, the chief investigator into the crimes of ISIS announced that significant progress has been made by using cellular phone data from Iraqi companies. This cooperation allowed for the collection of data from cell phones, information storage, and subscriber identification cards used by ISIS. It is hoped that this data collection would facilitate judicial proceedings against suspected ISIS militants.

ISIS initiated a genocide against Christians and Yazidis living in Iraq beginning in 2014. Although they were declared militarily defeated in 2017, the militants still remain active and religious minorities frequently express concern that the extremist ideology of ISIS remains in place throughout Iraq. This year, ISIS has ramped up attacks during Ramadan, prompting further security concerns.

The goal of investigating the crimes of ISIS and holding perpetrators accountable includes showing that there is a rule of law which can protect human rights in Iraq, hopefully discouraging others from engaging in these genocide activities. However, it is a goal that is met with some hesitation from the victims. This may have been the first genocide in Iraq which garnered international attention, but it is hardly the first time that minorities in Iraq have been singled out for violent persecution.

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