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05/14/2020 South Sudan (International Christian Concern) – For most of us in the West, coronavirus has meant staying at home and trying to avoid others so that we don’t get sick. For those in Internally Displaced People’s camps, this is not possible. Those in these camps have been forced from their homes by violence or natural disaster. The camps are often filled by tens of thousands of people living in tents or other small shelters. They are forced to share almost all resources, and can not keep isolated.

The UN and WHO have been worried of the spread of the virus to camps such as the one in Juba, South Sudan. Without the ability to self-isolate, these camps could turn into massive hotspots for the virus to spread. Also, camps such as these rely wholly on NGO’s and non-profits for medical aid. Many have no health facilities or any ability to care for severely sick patients.

With the spread of the virus to this camp in Juba, South Sudan could easily see a large spike in the number of cases. The country, which signed a peace agreement just a few months ago, has been in near constant conflict since it’s independence in 2011. If the virus continues to spread through the country, it could mean risking the safety and security of the people and put an extra strain on the already unstable peace agreement. Please pray for those who are in the camp to remain safe and healthy and for the UN to receive the support they need to help those who do become sick.

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