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05/11/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Pastor Famonure told Morning Star News by text of how he and his family had been attacked at their home in Gana Ropp village of Plateau State. On May 5, Fulani militants entered the home of the Pastor, who is also the head of the Christian high school, Messiah College. The home is part of the campus grounds. The pastor suffered gunshot wounds to his lower extremities and says that he was also shot in the head, but the bullet did not penetrate. The pastor said it was a miracle that he survived.

The pastor, from his hospital bed, also said that his wife and 2 children were shot as well. Thankfully, none of them have died, but they are still suffering from the wounds and pain.

Barkin Ladi Distrcit of Plateau State has been the site of a lot of violence and displacement of Christians. The local Berom people have suffered at the hands of these kinds of attacks on numerous occasions. Despite the continued attacks on this area, the government has failed to assist the locals to rebuild or return to their homes. The perpetrators of these attacks are also never held accountable for their atrocities.  The government often just says that the attacks are committed by unknown gunmen and then never figures out who they are. Many have begun to question the capabilities or bias of the government. It has also led many civilians to look for a way to either defend themselves or identify the attackers. The Nigerian government must start protecting all of their citizens as well as helping them rebuild.

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