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05/08/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) –  Earlier this week, a Nigerian gang member who kidnapped a seminary student in January, admitted that the group killed the captive because he would not stop proclaiming the Gospel to his captors. Michael Nnadi was a Seminary Student at the Good Shepherd Seminary in Kaduna State. He was aspiring to be a priest and was studying to fulfill that goal.

According to a Mustapha Mohammed, the supposed mastermind of the kidnapping, Nnadi spent his entire time in captivity trying to convince the kidnappers to turn from evil and to Christ. Though Nnadi was only one of the four students who was kidnapped from the school, he was also the only one killed. The other three students were released over the next few weeks. The kidnapping took place on January 8th. Nnadi’s body was then found on the side of the road along with a local doctor’s wife on February 1st. Mustapha, who is currently in police custody, said that they decided to kill Nnadi because he would not stop preaching to them from the moment he was kidnapped even though they are Muslim.

These kind of kidnappings are becoming very common in Nigeria. This group originally asked for a ransom of 256,000 dollars before lowering it to 25,000. Despite this, they still often end up killing the victims or holding them for years. Now that the Nigerian Government has a confession from one of the kidnappers, it is expected that he will be held accountable and all of those that he can identify will also be arrested and put into prison. If the Nigerian government fails to enforce even this basic law, they will show that they have no power or control over their country.

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