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05/01/2020 Nigeria (International Christian Concern) – Morningstar News has reported that attacks conducted by Fulani militants in Kaduna State over two days have left two people dead, dozens of homes destroyed and one church in ashes. These attacks are just a continuation of the aggression that has displaced hundreds of thousands of Christians throughout the Middle Belt of Nigeria over the past decade. According to the report, the militants attacked the village of Atang in Jema’a County, Kaduna State, on April 22. During this attack, they kidnapped the son of the chief of this area, named Emmanuel Iliya. Mr. Iliya is 47 years old and a father of two. The kidnappers have asked for $75,000 in ransom.

Next, on Thursday April 23, militants attacked the village of Kujeni in nearby Kajuru County. During this specific attack, the group killed at least one man named Geofrey Zakka. They also burned down more than two dozen houses and the local Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) building, including the pastor’s home. Then later that day, militants killed a man named Thomas Micah who was working his farm in another Kajuru county village. Thomas is survived by his wife and seven children.

These abhorrent attacks continue to devastate Christian farming communities across Nigeria’s middle belt. Though these attacks led to relatively little death, the loss of so many homes will mean that dozens of families will have to find shelter in other locations. It will leave the land and village more susceptible to future attacks and is likely to cause further invasion by regular herders who will see the land as accessible and unused. The Nigerian government must do more to ensure their citizens are safe and protected.

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