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04/28/2020 Sudan (International Christian Concern) – Sudan’s Transitional government has decided to change its military governors for civilian leaders of it’s states. This move is another attempt by the government to change from the long time military dictatorship established by Bashir to the new democratic government begun early last year. So far the new government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Hamdok, has made some very good strides toward democracy. These include the creation of the sovereign council which is made up of civilians and military equally. It also includes the dissolution of government committees that were built by Bashir to control churches in Sudan.

The government has also started to return some church property to their rightful owners and seized a lot of property from Bashir supporters who gained it illegally during his reign. This latest decision is an important one that will show the world that the military is no longer trying to control all of Sudanese life. For this to happen though, the military governors must be willing to step down. This has already proven not to happen easily. Last week, PM Hamdok fired the military governor of Khartoum because he was not willing to stop all religious services and close markets for COVID-19. Despite being fired by the prime minister, the governor declined to leave the post.

If other governors decide to do the same as the Khartoum governor, it may be a sign that the military is unwilling to give up their power. It could also show that the government in Sudan is only making small superficial changes that the military is allowing them to make. Please pray for the government and people of Sudan to continue to make strides toward democracy and freedom. Pray for the Christians to continue to have faith and trust in God no matter what happens.

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