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04/21/2020 Burkina Faso (International Christian Concern) – Al-Jazeera has released an article from an interview that they did with a young woman whose family had been part of a kidnapping by Islamic Extremists in Burkina Faso. The touching story recounts how Dina heard about the abduction of her father, brother, sister and cousin along with several others. Dina’s father was a pastor in her home village church. Seven people in total were abducted that night from the pastor’s home.

After several days, all but two were killed. The two who survived were Dina’s younger sister Jane, and their cousin Mary. Neither of these two young women, who are now free, wanted to be interviewed for the story, however, Jane was able to send Dina an audio of her recounting the tale. According to Dina and Jane, the gunmen burst into the home of the pastor late one night. They began demanding money. The pastor, who was across the family’s compound ran to confront the gunmen. His son and several of his son’s friends also ran to help the pastor as he tried to protect his family. Instead of protecting them however, the gunmen seized the pastor and those who they quickly found. After forcing all of the captives into a 4 wheel drive vehicle, they gunmen fled.

They then drove all night to a remote campsite where they forced the captives to learn the Quran and Islamic laws. The abductors told the pastor that if he converted to Islam, then they would make him a chief of a terrorist cell in Mali. His sons would be able to become terrorists and live as well. The pastor refused, saying that he did not want to become a terrorist and had converted from Islam more than 30 years before. After this, the pastor told jane, that he was going to be killed. Three days later, the terrorist decided that they would kill all of the men, but let the two women go home.

All of the captives were then loaded back into the vehicle in which they had been taken. They were driven a short distance and the men were forced to get out. They were placed in a circle with the pastor and his son in the middle. After then driving away, Jane said that she heard 5 gunshots, one for each of the men. Jane and Mary carried back messages for their family, from those killed. The pastor wanted his oldest daughter Dina to, “be humble, don’t be arrogant and learn to better control your anger.” Dina said that her father was always encouraging her and loved her as his favorite. Jane also passed that her brother said, “I learned that courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” His courageous words in the face of death are truly inspiring.

The family was able to gather the remains of those killed several days later and have a small funeral. This brave pastor, son and friends are now at rest in the home village, where the pastor had led others for over 20 years. Please pray for healing and faith for these girls and their family.

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