Tackling the Root Causes of Persecution

04/17/2020 Washington D.C. (International Christian Concern)Have you ever considered that there might be a connection between persecution and education? Most people would never think that because they think persecution looks like martyrdom or imprisonment.

But persecution is often so much deeper than that. We see the reality of subtle persecution through the life of Hana. In his country, there is a great deal of persecution. When he goes to school, he gets picked on for being a Christian. He’s forced to go to Muslim classes and the level of education is terrible. So often that is by design in these countries, and it keeps the Christian community down.

Yet, guess what Hana’s dream is? He wants to be a lawyer and he wants to help the weak and disadvantaged. The path ahead won’t be easy, though.

Hana’s father makes $90 a month as a carpenter. With little income and a poor education, Hana’s chances of becoming a lawyer are pretty slim.

To make matters worse, in his country, parents will often take Christian children out of school when they’re 10 to 11 years old. Sadly, that is a rational decision because the level of education for Christian children is so bad, it doesn’t do the families any good to keep the kids in school when they could be out learning their trade and making money.

Our solution is called Hope House. Rather than building giant schools which are massive investments of money, we take them into a center and provide them with supplemental education. We teach them math, English, and Arabic.

In a rural area, in a uneducated area, what happens to that kid when he has those simple skills? He becomes a star pupil and he becomes highly marketable so that he will rise to the top of the employment ladder.

We also work with the family to bring them the Gospel and providing them with small business assistance give support for the family.

We’re giving these families the chance to have a life they never could have dreamed of, and the only way it happens is if you say I want to help my little brother and sister. I want to adopt that kid, so to speak, and take care of him and his education. Will you consider partnering with us today through Hope House?

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