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04/12/2020 Niger (International Christian Concern) – Father Pierluigi Maccalli had been living in and serving the people of Niger for 11 years before he was taken by jihadists in September 2018. The father had been trying to help encourage education, healthcare and young farmers in southern Niger. According to locals of Bomoanga village, where Father Maccalli lived, armed gunmen arrived and immediately went to his house. They then took him and have held him ever since. This means that the gunmen were specifically targeting Father Maccalli for this kidnapping.

So far it is unclear as to why they abducted him. There have been no ransom demands that have been released, and they have not killed him as a public statement. It is a very good sign though that they have kept him alive this long. He was recently seen with another man in a video released by the abductors. His brother, also a priest working in Africa, was over joyed to see that his brother was still alive. Father Walter Maccalli Aid to the Church in Need that “It’s great news, and we are delighted and hopeful that everything may turn out well.”

There are many jihadists groups working in Southern Niger, Burkina Faso, and Mali, and often cross these three international borders. It is unclear where Father Maccalli is at this time, or even what country he is in. However, we can give thanks to God for keeping him alive and well for this long. Please continue to pray that Father Maccalli might be released soon and that his faith and health would remain strong.

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